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I am working on displaying the current weather at my location in this column. This will also be a teaser of my Now-Page.
November 9th Themeberger

Today. One of the most beautiful days and at the same time one of the worst days in German history. Sometimes it is not easy to be German.

An IndieWeb Webring Themeberger

: I joined the IndieWeb Webring (โœ’๏ธ๐Ÿšค๐Ÿ‰). Scroll to my footer and discover the websites of some great people.

20th anniversary of my private website Themeberger
Christian Hockenberger 1999
| News | #CHO20

20th anniversary of my private website

Celebrating the good old times

Today exactly 20 years ago, I put the first version of my private website online. For some people, this may be just a side note, but for me, it means a lot.
-These days I create websites for a living, after all.

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Blade Runner 2019 Themeberger

I think Blade Runner is the best movie ever.

The best sets, the best effects, the best music and, depending on the cut, a really good and thrilling story.

The film is set in November 2019. That’s today. But somehow it looks a bit different when I look out of the window.

Progress II Themeberger

Sheeesh, I have so many huge ideas for this site, but I still have lots of small details to work through. This is really annoying and frustrating. My post “Progress” is as relevant as ever. If only the days were longer.

Happy Birthday Matthias Themeberger

Happy birthday, Matthias.

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A post by Christian Hockenberger Themeberger
Portrait of my Son

Happy seventh birthday, my big boy <3

Also, I’m celebrating seven years of fatherhood today, wow!

The feeds are ready Themeberger

As I will not only have “normal articles” in the classical sense on my website but also a lot of interactions within the free internet, I have modified my feeds. This means that if you subscribe to my RSS or Atom feed, you won’t be bothered with all the interactions taken out of context, but only get the “big articles”. On, there is also a post on the topic that is worth reading.

The links:

Reclaimed Dailybooth Themeberger

: In the spirit of the "Own your Data" principle by the Indieweb, I was able to recover my posts from Dailybooth, thanks to The posts are filed under the tag "Dailybooth". These pictures may not be of any value for you, but I'm glad they survived.