Website Themeberger Prepage, 1999


In November 1999 I published the first version of my website at and started with my first steps. Since this free domain was unreliable, I registered and later immediately afterward and used them as my main domain.

Prince of Dune was an idiotic identity resulting from the lack of idea what I should name myself online. Since I’m a big fan of the Dune series, that was the result. For the 10th anniversary of my website, I wanted to be more serious. So in 2009, I changed the domain name to, which I registered for testing purposes one year ago.

After I realized that visitors have a problem with the skipped “e” in “chrisbergr” and wanted to create a family page anyway, I decided in 2017 to simply put my website on This looks serious and is good for SEO purposes. Alternatively, I also have the ShortURL

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