Notes are short posts without any specific topic, similar to status updates on social networks.

Hell! Themeberger

This is anything but normal!


Old Website Versions Themeberger

I’ve been trying to find the very first versions of my website for a long time now.

Today I found shamefully small screenshots of version 1-4.

It seems like the pages themselves are lost forever.


Dinosaur Train Themeberger

Everytime my son is watching #DinosaurTrain I’m just waiting for awesome @DrScottSampson 🙂

RIP Prince Themeberger

In #Memory of #Prince. You’ll be missed! 🙁


#Musican #RIP

I don’t like the Twitter-like-thing. Themeberger

I don’t like the Twitter-like-thing. “Not every ‘like’ means LIKE” sounds stupid!

Sometimes Themeberger

Sometimes it’s frustrating building a multipurpose wordpress theme.

Just commin’ home Themeberger

Just commin’ home

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Going online Themeberger

Back in 1999, on the 5th of November, I put my private website online. I celebrate this event with this backdated testpost.

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