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Happy Birthday Harald Juhnke Themeberger

Today, 90 years ago, a great man was born in Berlin! Harald, you are missed!

Harald Juhnke

#Entertainman #HaraldJuhnke

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Joy of fatherhood Themeberger

Ohhh 🙂 my two-year-old daughter just said: “you are my daddy and you are my best friend” <3

I wipe away a little tear and go on, to be a father, to be a friend 🙂

#vaterfreude #joy #fatherhood #love #life

#WP5 Themeberger

I’ve successfully updated my website to #WordPress 5.0. No problems so far.

Until new year’s eve I’ll finish and upload my new theme I’m currently working on. The current theme was never been truly finished and that frustrated me so much that I lost my passion to write here. I expect to get back some publishing action here in early January.

Progress Themeberger

In the past, I’ve rolled out version after version completely build up from scratch in a bi-weekly cycle. At that time I had the energy and time to do this, but no ideas and motivation for the contents.

Today I’d like to publish so much content, but I’m frustrated by the technical state of my website. I’m far behind my own plans.

Christian Hockenberger Monogram


It’s interesting how things can change completely but still leaving me unsatisfied behind.

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Hell! Themeberger

This is anything but normal!


Old Website Versions Themeberger

I’ve been trying to find the very first versions of my website for a long time now.

Today I found shamefully small screenshots of version 1-4.

It seems like the pages themselves are lost forever.


Dinosaur Train Themeberger

Everytime my son is watching #DinosaurTrain I’m just waiting for awesome @DrScottSampson 🙂

RIP Prince Themeberger

In #Memory of #Prince. You’ll be missed! 🙁


#Musican #RIP

I don’t like the Twitter-like-thing. Themeberger

I don’t like the Twitter-like-thing. “Not every ‘like’ means LIKE” sounds stupid!