Hell! Themeberger

This is anything but normal!


Old Website Versions Themeberger

I’ve been trying to find the very first versions of my website for a long time now.

Today I found shamefully small screenshots of version 1-4.

It seems like the pages themselves are lost forever.


Webmention test Themeberger

This post is a test, intended to receive webmentions.

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Join the dark side Themeberger
Christian Hockenberger with Lego Darth Vader

#darkside #lego #starwars

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Dinosaur Train Themeberger

Everytime my son is watching #DinosaurTrain I’m just waiting for awesome @DrScottSampson 🙂

RIP Prince Themeberger

In #Memory of #Prince. You’ll be missed! 🙁


#Musican #RIP

Playlist Mar 16, 2016 Themeberger

Today’s playlist by the great dutch singer Sharon Kovacs.

Playlist Nov 25, 2015 Themeberger